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For each loop while add load

Hi everybody

I have studied the related topics to my Theme, but still don't have a clear answer for my question. Is it possible to make the for each loop work, if you have add load?

I have something like this:

let var = file1, file2, file3

for each file in $(var)


add load *

FROM $(var);


Wish you a nice day!

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Re: For each loop while add load

This will be concatenated to the same table automatically by a QlikView phenomenon called ... AutoConcatenate. When the next LOAD detects a similar table layout as the last one, the new data will be concatenated to the resident table.

BTW to make it work, drop the add keyword, change FROM $(var) into FROM $(file) and add a NEXT keyword to the end

However, there may be situations where this trick refuses to work (I got a couple of cases that were very RAM-dependent, and some may have been hampered by other things in QlikView not working altogether well)). To make sure that it works under all circumstanctes, you can force concatenation by using a $-sign expansion variable, like in:

LET var = 'file1', 'file2', 'file3'

LET vPrefix = 'tabletemp:';

FOR EACH file IN $(var)


  LOAD *

  FROM $(var);

  LET vPrefix = 'CONCATENATE (tabletemp)';


The syntax checker will go crazy on the free variable. Don't worry, it'll still work out ok.


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Re: For each loop while add load

thank you for the answer, Peter!   sorry for mistakes... I thought that when we use partial reload, we need to add ADD before loading -> add load, otherwise it won't work? My problem is that when I use partial reload, only first document from $(var) is opened but not the other two...

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