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Forecast Dates Vs Actual Dates

Hi There

I have an issue in my data.

My actual Data is coming from the Db and my forecast Data is coming from excel spreadsheets

The problem I am having is that the date that I am using to view the forecasts is limited to the date of the actuals.

I need to see future dates for the forecasts.

I have concatenated my forecast table into my actual table but I have had to remap the dates to create fiscal months

all this is making the structure quite messy, is there a way I can tell the chart for the forecasts to look at the dates of the forecast field-[Fiscal YM] but Display it in a format of another field [Calendar Fiscal YM]

I hope this makes sense...


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Re: Forecast Dates Vs Actual Dates

You can change the format of date values with the date() function: date([MyDate],'MM/DD/YYYY'). You can use the date() function in the script, but also in chart expressions and calculated dimensions. In most chart objects you can also change the number format of a expression column on the Numbers tab of the objects properties window.

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Re: Forecast Dates Vs Actual Dates

hopes, if u have some key field in excel data  to link with ur actual data base data,that helps simply!

then u can play with  ur forecast values vs actual values through expressions in chart/table level.