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Function Reload Time()

Hi everyone;

Actually when I Update a Dashboard I use the  ReloadTime function to know when the information was updating

and I need the same with the Date, hour, minutes and seconds BUT for Germany i was try that but i cant do it can you help please?

i was try this:

Date(ReloadTime())&'   '&Time(ReloadTime())



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Re: Function Reload Time()

Add an offset for +7 hours the time difference to Germany.

= 'Updating Date   ' & Date( (reloadtime() +(7/24)), 'DD-MM-YYYY  hh:mm')

(7/24) adds 7 hours to the reloadtime

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Re: Function Reload Time()

try this

= 'Last refreshed on - ' & ReloadTime() &'  '&TimeZone()

Out put : Last refreshed on - 8/15/2013 9:34:18 AM  GMT-06:00

Re: Function Reload Time()

Use date(reloadtime(), date format string)  The date command will format datetime values

e.g. date(reloadtime(), 'DD MMM YY  hh:mm')

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Re: Function Reload Time()

I every one thanks for your responses but doesn't work actually the server is in USA and

the Date hour, minutes and seconds with the ReloadTime() or TimeZone() put the Dates but USA

i need that appear the date and hour, minutes and second  but Germany.

Any Idea?

Really Thanks!!

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Re: Function Reload Time()

Hi Omar,

Can you give exact format/Example in what you wanted in Germany ?

Re: Function Reload Time()

='Last Updated '&Date(ReloadTime())&CHR(10)

&Hour(NOW()-ReloadTime())&' Hour(s),'&CHR(10)

&Minute(NOW()-ReloadTime())& ' Minute(s) and'&CHR(10)

&Second(NOW()-ReloadTime())& ' Second(s) ago' & CHR(10)&

'By '&Capitalize(OSUser())

Re: Function Reload Time()

The dateformat string is case sensitive

     MM      is months as a number

     MMM      is months as text

     mm      is minutes

what result do you get if you do not have any formatting and just use

     = reloadtime()

in a text object?

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Re: Function Reload Time()

if i understand this correctly, you need server reload time shown as local time in Germany...if yes, try the following - may need to be modified slightly for time difference:

='Server Time '& chr(10)&ReloadTime() & chr(10)&TimeZone()

For local time in Germany -

='Local Time '&chr(10)&Timestamp(ReloadTime()+.25)

0.25 days (6 hours) is the time difference between your server time and Germany local time.

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Re: Function Reload Time()

Hi everyone this the format that I have:

Is the time in United States, when I was updating put the Date hour, minutes and Second but

of United State. then what I need is the same BUT with date, hour, minutes for Germay

for example taken this example the date in USA is: 05/03/2014 11:04:45 AM and

what I need is: 05/03/2014   18:40:30  time Germany



Re: Function Reload Time()

Maybe create a variable at the end of your load script:

Let vReloadTimeGermany = localtime('Berlin');

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