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Fuzzy Match VBScript From Qlik?

Has anyone ever attempted to execute a VBScript that performs "Fuzzy Matching" from inside of Qlikview?

I'm not very familiar with vbscript, or how it can interact with your Qlik data model.

Basically, my client has asked for a flexible fuzzy matching model to be built and executed from a large concatenated set of Qlik data, and then the results visualized in a small dashboard. I know Qlik does not have a real fuzzy match function built into it, where i can loop through a list of values, and look for a similar values in the same array.

The concept is that they have many systems with things like Customer Name, but this field is not standard across each one.

They're trying to arrive at a good model of standardization based on name, but also have the ability to add in additional fields like Address, Website, etc., to see how they would affect the potential matches.

I know this is something Informatica does very easily, but unfortunately that is not an option.

Any idea how to do this from Qlik with vb?

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Re: Fuzzy Match VBScript From Qlik?

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