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GROUPBY without using SUM or COUNT

Hello everybody

Is there anyway in which you can create a Group by, without using SUM og COUNT?

Related to our database and the analytical needs, it could be a needed solution if we could use IF statement, OR statement or even multiplying related to our Group By.

Thanks in advance


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Re: GROUPBY without using SUM or COUNT


I dont think this can done but you can use Order By to order the table by fields or may be sort the table by fields, but if you use SUM or COUNT you do not need to use Group By but if you are using fields in the table then you have to use Group By.





Sum([Sum Amount]) as Amt

Resident Source

Group By





Re: GROUPBY without using SUM or COUNT

Hi, yes, you can do a trick, something like

LOAD Min(Field1) as Field1,

     Field 2

Resident ... Group by Field1, Field2;

As you're grouping by Field1, the Min() has no use but avoids the loading error.