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GetClearPassword function


I have my connection string that goes as follows:

LET STR_Connect = '[Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=$(SQLServerHostSecurite);Initial Catalog=$(SQLServerCatalogSecurite);User Id=$(SQLServerSecuriteUserId);Password=' & GetClearPassword('$(SQLServerSecuritePassword)', '$(CommonPath)') & ']';

CONNECT To $(STR_Connect);

Unfortunatly, the command line to retrieve the clear password does not execute, and Qlikview asks me for the clear password to connect to the DB.

my VB script to determine the function is as follows:

Function GetClearPassword(passw, currpath)

  strJava = """" & "java"" "

  strClassPath = " -cp " & """" & currpath & "\;"" "

   commandLineToExe=strJava & strClassPath & " HubizCryptoHelper -d " & passw


  Set objFileToWrite = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").OpenTextFile("G:\Controle financier\SysFin\DEV_Qlikview\Finances GL\documents-tableaux-bord\logclear.txt",2,true)



Set objFileToWrite = Nothing

  GetClearPassword= ExecuteShellProgram(commandLineToExe)


End Function

As you can see, I write to a log to make sure I have the proper CommandLineToEXE, and I do. Whatever outputs from there, I paste to cmd, and I get my clear password.

But the function just does not execute itself like it used to, and I don't know what changed!!

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Re: GetClearPassword function


my collegue, sitting in front of me has no trouble reloading the exact same document.

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MVP & Luminary

Re: GetClearPassword function

Try executing the function from within the macro editor using the Test button. Create a testit sub and run that sub from the Test button.

Sub TestIt


End Sub

It can be easier to debug this way.




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Re: GetClearPassword function

Good cue,

the function doesn't parse out correctly though. I'll try to figure out how to script it.

Thnaks Rob