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Group by in preceding load.


Is group by allowed in precedingg load?

Or we have to group it in the main load and take the summary data into preceding load?


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Re: Group by in preceding load.

Yes, Allowed

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Re: Group by in preceding load.

Hi, it should work,I tested with this script:


LOAD Articulo,


Sum(Ventas) as  Ventas

Group By Articulo, Fecha;

LOAD * Inline


Articulo, Fecha, Ventas

A1 ,01/01/2017, 10

A1 ,01/01/2017, 80

A1 ,02/01/2017, 20

A2, 02/01/2017, 30


Re: Group by in preceding load.

Be very careful. You will get all sorts of side-effects that you cannot immediately explain. And yes it may work on simple examples. But those are not necessarily what you need in your situation.

Better use simple things in a Preceding LOAD, and do the GROUP BY in a separate operation on an internal table.