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HELP NEEDED, load different data from multiple folders

Hello QV users,

First of all I'm looking for a piece of script thats helps me with loading data (csv and jpg) in different (main)folders with an same subfolder named DATA.

it's looking like:

All stored on a central-disk:

- MainFolder (Different names)

     - SubFolder (called DATA)

               Subfolder contains files witch should be loaded into QV, lot's of CSV-files (formated all equal) and JPG.

I hope someone can help me?


If its possible i also want to create a hyperlink in the script for 2 main items in the CVS file. There are 2 fields (different names, pic1, pic2) witch rever to the JPG files in the ' DATA' folder.

I dont want to load de pic's into the dashboard (the file becomes to great)  but just want a hyperlink to open the pic or show it in the dashboard within an textblok.

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Re: HELP NEEDED, load different data from multiple folders

Did you know that QV has a help which is worth to look at?

Assuming you have a basic knowledge of Qlikview and it's scripting language:

for each vMainFolder in '\\this\is\your\first\MainFolder', '\\this\is\your\second\MainFolder', ...,  '\\this\is\your\n-th\MainFolder'

     for each vCSVfile in filelist($( vMainFolder)&' \DATA\*.csv')



               '$(vCSVfile)'                         as CSV_Name,

               '$(vMainFolder)\DATA\' & jpg_filename_found_in_your_csv          as JPG_Name




     next vCSVfile


     for each vJPGfile in filelist($( vMainFolder)&' \*.jpg')

          [never tested loading jpg-files]     

     next vJPGfile


next vMainFolder


hope this will help a little bit.



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