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HTTP Query fails from Publisher but succeeds from Fat Client

Hi Community,

I have a strange bahaviour: I am connecting to an intranet website using https, user name and password as part of the URL (because the target page is protected) and a non standard port (other than 80). The URL looks like this:

   https://userSmiley Tongueassword@serverSmiley Tongueort/directory/file.txt

Everything goes well using the fat client. I get a connection and file content is read as expected.

However after having scheduled this qvw, it returns nothing. There is no error in the server or document logs, but the qvw is empty. I have also an ongoing discussion with QlikTech's support, but they run out of ideas. So if someone had a similiar situation before, I would very much appreciate your help.

Thank you and best regards


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Re: HTTP Query fails from Publisher but succeeds from Fat Client

Hallo Florian,

Did you get any answer on this question? We are having the same problem.



Please e-mail me on walter.vandenwijngaert@nbb.be