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Having issue working with nulls

Hi everyone,

I have imported a field from a SQL database that contains nulls. I would like to assign a name to a new field based off of whether or not my original field is null or contains a value. This seems like a simple problem to solve using this code:

if(IsNull(field), 'string', 'string2') as field2

However, for some reason I'm getting the string2 in field2 for rows that have a null for field. Does anybody have an idea of why this is happening - or have a better way of accomplishing this bit of logic?


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Re: Having issue working with nulls


      If(len(trim(field))=0, 'string','string2') as field2


Re: Having issue working with nulls

perhaps you haven't a true null but a blank or some other char that seems null

so just use Colin answer

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Re: Having issue working with nulls

When QlikView displays "-" in a list does that mean that it is a null?

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Re: Having issue working with nulls

Try Alt(field, String) as field2;

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