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Help in Concatenate , Join statements

I have 3 files

File 1 : List of 100 campaigns

File 2 : List of Leads for some of the campaigns

File 3 : List of opportunities for some of the campaigns

(common field between all 3 is Campaign ID)

My output :

List of all campaigns and their corresponding Lead count and opportunity count

Some cases there will be only leads for the campaigns , or only opportunities for the campaigns

or neither

Yet  i want to see all campaigns irrespective of whether i have leads or opportunities

Even full join doesnt give me the full list .( Unfortunately i dont get campaigns which doesnt have leads or opportunities)


I tried the foll code, but not working

Lead :

Load *

Concatenate :

Load *


Campaign :

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Re: Help in Concatenate , Join statements

A simple join should work though it will fill null values in the Campaign table in unavailable values in Lead and Opportunities column. Please send me a sample dataset and qvw and let me see how can I help you with.


Load CampaignID, Desc

FROM Campaign


LOAD CampaignID,



WHERE EXISTS (CampaignID, CampaignID)


LOAD CampaignID,


FROM Opportunities

WHERE EXISTS (CampaignID, CampaignID)

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Re: Help in Concatenate , Join statements

In your chart(s), make sure you uncheck "suppress zero values" on the presentation tab so Campaigns with zero leads and opportunities will show.