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Help me to have this report...

I got problem in architecture, it has the same amount in each territory.

Sample Output:

ABrand A13,00016,000

Brand B6,0005,000
BBrand A14, 00010, 000

Brand B50, 00055, 000
CBrand A10, 00015,000

I got a problem, in each brand of each territory outputs the same sales. Below is the sample table fields.

Transactions:                    Targets:

     Product Code                    Territory

     Sales                                Product Code

                                             Target Amount

As you can see in the fields, it doesnt have "territory" field in the Transactions table, that is why it outputs the same sales in each territory. What should I do? Help me please, need it urgent! Thanks.

Best Regards,


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Valued Contributor III

Help me to have this report...

Are you doing a left join with Targets table?

Do the concatenation and ignore the fileds that doesnt need in set analysis...

Post a sample..if possible...



Esteemed Contributor III

Help me to have this report...

Hi Bill,

Given the nature of the data (no Territory in Transactions table) you cannot tell anything about the Product Sales by Territory.  If you had it, the right thing to do would be concatenation of both tables, as Phani said.


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Help me to have this report...

Hi Guys,

That's what Im thinking, there is no territory in transaction table so there's no chance of getting sales per territory.

Thanks for the reply.

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