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Contributor III
Contributor III

Help regarding carryon count of tickets

Hi All,

in the attached sheet there are fields ticket number, created date and resolved date and ticket status

my requirement is

lets says total tickets raised in a month is 100 and 12 of them is resolved by last day of that month the carry forward should be 88 that has to be added to the tickets on the month start of next month and it has to go on

can we achieve something like that ,

Thanks in Advance


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You could look into creating reference dates for each date in the interval between creation and closure of a ticket, like shown in

Creating Reference Dates for Intervals

The reference date table should show the granularity that is required for your reports, dates when you need a count of open tickets per date or maybe months if you only need the count per month.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi swuehl ,

I am not able figure out how can do this ,i fyou have free time can you please make try with the sample data i attached .

Thanks Again .


It should be something like


LOAD ticket_id,




     Alt(Ticket_ResolveDate,Today()) as EndDate



(biff, embedded labels, table is Sheet1$);


LOAD ticket_id,

  Date(CreatedDateText+iterno()-1) as ReferenceDate


WHILE CreatedDateText+iterno()-1 <= EndDate;

Then use ReferenceDate as dimenion e.g. in a bar chart and

=Count(DISTINCT ticket_id)

as expression to count the open tickets.

Contributor III
Contributor III


i fear that i didnt explained correctly what my requirement is

i would like to explain again COmmpic.PNG

in the above pic total tickets raised on that particular month dec are 84 and total of tickets that got resolved are 84 but this does not mean that all the tickets that are raised in dec are resolved the tickets that have been raised before December might get resolved in dec

so my requirement is lets say in the month DEC 100 tickets are been raised and 85 of them are resolved by the monthend of DEC on ,and 25 tickets are raised in JAN and ten of them got resolved by the month end of jan

i want to plot a graph in Bar chat  like this ,Hope this explains my requirement

Carry ticketspng.png


For example, you can create flags in the table with reference dates to indicate creation and closing dates.

Then you can easily count creation or closing of tickets next to your open count.

Intervalmatch Count Open Items

Contributor III
Contributor III

i read the the whole article  , but i am unable to apply it here ,


my total ticets on every months has to be same as Total With Remaining (total tickets raised on that month +carryfarward tickets from lastmonth) ,can you try to attach an app if possible ,sorry to ask in weekends


Using the script from the other thread and some UI chart objects:

2016-06-27 01_06_58-QlikView x64 - [C__Users_Stefan_Downloads_comm222092.qvw].png

Contributor III
Contributor III

we are almost there but when i check the total tickets that are open it is showing me as 35 where as the logic we implemented is giving us 31 , so we are missing four tickets here


We are not missing any tickets.

The 35 tickets are giving the number of tickets that were open any time in the selected time frame, in your example, 35 are the total number of distinct ticket_id.

The 31 tickets are the giving the  number of tickets at the end of your selected time frame (end of June 2016).

There is a difference of four tickets, because 4 tickets have been closed in Apr/May/June 2016.