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Help with Section Access - a few confidential items


I have an interesting challenge. I have a document with a lot of items, each with an ID.

Now, most IDs should be visible fo all users (who these users are change so they should not be named in the script or in a table).

However, a few users have selected IDs that only they have access to. For example, in addition to all official IDs, user Adam has access to ID 8 and 439 and Bernt has access to ID 439 and 1009. etc. I have a few named special users.

The challenge:

With section access, I can omit fields or I can specify subsets of field values that users should have access to. My problem is the opposite How to add values to a set for a few named users only. Does anyone have a clever solution how to address this?

/Many thanks


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Re: Help with Section Access - a few confidential items

You're not very clear about what exactly these IDs refer to?

In general, you could store authorizations in an external DB and use conditional show to show/hide objects, use the OMIT clause in Section Access to hide entire fields, and use data reduction to restrict access to table rows. YMMV.



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Re: Help with Section Access - a few confidential items

Thanks Peter,

Good input. However, that does not do the trick. I used your solution in several other solutions when only specific values should be visible to particular users. Sometimes OMIT works and sometimes I have just added a field for a specific business unit to allow the BU-managers to access only their data. The challenge here is the opposite. I do not want to have to specify all users that should have access to everything. Maybe there is a really simple solution, but it still escapes my creativity. Any thoughts? The ID connect rows to financial information.


Re: Help with Section Access - a few confidential items

I get your point. Unfortunately there is no easy quick-and-dirty solution for this type of challenge, as QV - through its associative logic - needs an explicit specification of every value that shouldn't be reduced away.

If I understand it correctly, you are looking for an authorization specification technique like this:

User, FieldAuthorization

Adam, * - 1009

Bernd, * - 8

*, * - 8 - 439 - 1009

the last line meaning all others should have access to everything except the reserved IDs. You can build a solution like this using standard QlikView script techniques but it may become complex code, depending on your requirements.

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Re: Help with Section Access - a few confidential items

Yes, you got it exactly. I wish your very clear syntax above would magically work - maybe it will in QV12? Still, will not give up. I hope there might be a solution, hopefully a quick and clean one. Let's hope someone can surprise us!

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