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Help with field IF statement in table load

OK... so a novice qlikview user here...

I have the need to run and If statement that examines the values of fields @8 and @9 to determine if the new field should be populated with a specified value (NON-FCTL) or with the default value in @8.

For what ever reason when I run the script the script is erroring out indicated that the field IMMED is not found.  IMMED is a value that exists in field @8 so I am not sure why it is doing this.  Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Here is the script / error message I am getting.

Field not found - <IMMED>


LOAD @1 as [Rev-Trac#],

     @2 as RD_Version,

     @3 as RD_Title,

     @4 as RD_Project,

     @5 as RD_ReqType,

     @6 as RD_Team,

     @7 as RD_Status,

     @8 as RD_UsrStatus,

     @9 as RD_Class,

     If(@8="IMMED",IF(@9="N","NON-FCTL",@8),@8) As RD_MigrationType,

     @10 as RD_OwnerID,

     @11 as RD_ProgrammerID,

     @12 as RD_ActorID,

     @13 as RD_CreatedByID,

     @14 as RD_Keywords



(txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is '|', msq, header is 1 lines, filters(

Remove(Col, Pos(Top, 1)),

Remove(Row, RowCnd(CellValue, 1, StrCnd(null))),

Remove(Row, RowCnd(CellValue, 1, StrCnd(start, '---'))),

Remove(Row, RowCnd(CellValue, 1, StrCnd(equal, 'Request')))


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Re: Help with field IF statement in table load


Use single quotes instead of double quotes

If(@8='IMMED',IF(@9='N','NON-FCTL',@8),@8) As RD_MigrationType,

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