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Help with resultset return by SQL stored procedure


I am using SQL stored procedure to get data from the database, the stored procedure returns multiple tables as result set.

But in QlikView i am getting only one table i.e. first table of resultset, how can i play with others table returned by stored procedure.

I am using below syntax, plesae help me if i am doing anything wrong.

set v_FinancialYear = 2012-2013;




RPT_Get_RecruitmentKPIData '$(v_FinancialYear)';


2 Replies

Re: Help with resultset return by SQL stored procedure

I'm hitting the same issue here. Did you ever figure this out?

Re: Help with resultset return by SQL stored procedure

QlikView can only see the first result set returned by a stored procedure.

You will have to modify your stored procedure to output the data in a different way, either to separate tables that can loaded into QlikView, or build a single results table in the stored procedure that is populated with each result set in turn and then output at the end.

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