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Hide row/column in THIS particular example possible at all?!

Hello experts,

I'm fightig for days trying to hide the budget column/row for the past years (2014, 2015) in my pivot table.

There is simply no budget data for the past years in my data model, since the customer doesn't need it.

Meanwhile I doubt qlik can handle hiding the row/column in this particular case at all (yellow mark, all the zero-rows must get hidden)


I've stripped my qlik-file to the relevant data, only. And I've also removed all my script in set analysis, which I used in order to hide the yellow marked records. Setting the properties for removing the nulls etc. have all be tried ... nothing helps.


Does anyone know a solution for this particular case, maybe (file attached)?

As I've said, meanwhile I doubt if it can be solved at all.



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Re: Hide row/column in THIS particulare exmplae possible at all?!


I don't think you can achieve what you want with your existing data model.

The pivot table allows basically a custom pivoting, you it needs to support also a table layout like

Year 201420152016
B. Sales 43860
B. Margin0015339,1

Here you can't remove the years 2014 and 2015 without also removing the information for Sales.

The only possible solution I could think of would be changing your data model, creating year dimension values that are distinct for budget and sales facts (but potentially still within one field) - distinct means that they hold a different (numeric) value in their dual value representation, but could still show same text value for common years.

Not sure if you want to do something like this just to resolve your pivot display issue.



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