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Hiding Column In Table Box


I've a requirement of downloading table box data into the csv file.

i'm doing this using macro. it is working fine.

but, there is one column is table box which need not to be downloaded to csv file,but this column need to be present in the tablebox to get unique records.

so, i want to hide this column so that it will not appear in downloaded data.

i've tried below macro to set column width of that particular column to 0:

tbp.Layout.ColLayouts.Item(0).ColWidth = 0

but it is not allowing me to set ColWidth to 0, and shows below error:

“The call of the procedure or the argument is illegal.”

I really got stuck at this problem.

In straight table we can hide column, but i can't use straight table because it gets heavy on bulk data and

performance of my application (specially CSV download functionality) is getting hampered.

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Hiding Column In Table Box

Can you not just make the table box a chart type of table and have that as an expression and then hide the expression?