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Hiding rows without losing calculated columns


This is related to issue 160946,

I just need some other insight as well. I am attaching the sample data, the script is hidden, password is Andre

If you look at the two charts Test and Test1

Test 1 if functioning correctly to a certain extent. I am getting the values that I need into the reduce column, I can’t in honesty remember how I got the data in the extra row with the Period as a null, I just know that the amounts I want are now showing in the test1 Chart. The problem is hiding the row without losing the calculations, If I suppress the dimension with the null value all the values are gone.

If I use chart with name Test, the first issue is how to get the value from there into the Reduce column for calculation for 200407 and 200408. The other issue is if I show only the current financial year as I do with the calculated dimension as in Test1, it drops the value, of course because the value is coming from 200406.

I basically have three options, one is to somehow use the Opening Balance in the Text box as a variable, I wasted about 8 hours on finding a way to make it work to bring the values as in Test1’s first two rows.

The second option is to get the same calculations going in Test with the calculated dimension, I spent almost two days on it.

The third option would be to hide just the null row with the first two rows keeping their values. Financial years are from July to June.

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Re: Hiding rows without losing calculated columns

Solved, showed a variable number of rows depending on how many period of the year have passed

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