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Hierarchy problem

There is an account master table where I cannot make the proper hierarchy. What should be the parent and child node is very confusing to me..I am attaching the account master table. If anyone have the solution please share it.....

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Re: Hierarchy problem

It may look somethign like this:

I just picked '>' this as a delimiter it can be anything you want.


The syntax is:

Hierarchy (NodeID, ParentID, NodeName, [ParentName], [PathSource], [PathName], [PathDelimiter], [Depth])(loadstatement | selectstatement)


Re: Hierarchy problem

Please give me a the solution of the problem with .qvw file.........

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Re: Hierarchy problem

This hierarchy worked well for me.

NodeID, ParentID, NodeName, [ParentName], [PathSource], [PathName], [PathDelimiter], [Depth])(loadstatement | selectstatement)

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Re: Hierarchy problem

see the attached example of mine

hope it helps you

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Re: Hierarchy problem

Hello ,

If you understand this is not confusing I created demo which you will understand pretty well.

Hope this help you.


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