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How can i do any comand in normal SQL after i load an excel file

with multiple rows and column?I want to make normal select for when 2 column from the excel are x and y then the other 2 related to those values to show,?normaly I do in editor script after load done ,

SELECT * from.........FROM [TOT NECESAR.xlsx] (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Foaie1);


ODBC CONNECT TO [Excel Files;DBQ=C:\Users\simion.alexandru\Desktop\Project\export segmentant\TOT NECESAR.xlsx] (XUserId is HfGXWZFPNDcYWcNMZLdGXPB, XPassword is bIcEVYEHYBOCTcAHYREB);       

but both ways don t work when i try reload and don t even know if i do somethign stupid or not its all new to me.

Another question is can i see anywhere the queries if i manage to get then to work or evertime reload needed?

i want to make use of 4 column in the excel to make multiple select so i get values and make an interface like start with a value given from 2 input manually in 2 of the column from the excel gives a result with 1 value per each column and from there use other to expand to other liason for each one till no more relation.(was advised to use a clause (have experience with SQL but never used a clause)

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Re: How can i do any comand in normal SQL after i load an excel file

Sorry i write very fast and made a lto of mystakes and also copy paste i see go bad.

So more easily i have one excel file with a lot of columns.

I one Qlik i click InsertScript and load the excel file  in 2 ways i see on the net so far:

Load Table and finish or  connect ODBC adn put user,pass and select there excel and what column to show  on the Qlik screen.

After i do that i go Insertscript again to make Select and other stuff i need in normal SQL that i know  and you see up code used in both cases  select fail when i reload .

Its strange i am used to simple way create table ... select from table i can see it  and the result of the query ,but here i am lost at see  no command  and i am doing somethign wrong but can even see what in the error given as a hint.

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