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How do I scramble data and store it in a QVD?

I want to write a script that reads an existing QVD file, scrambles some fields and then stores the QVD again.  It seems like I have a catch 22, I can scramble the data on a PostReload macro, but then how do I store it?  Is there a way to call the scramble function from the load script? Or is there a way to store a QVD from a macro?  Seems like it should be an easy task, but I am not seeing the solution.



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Re: How do I scramble data and store it in a QVD?

Know kind of old, but may be "Simpler" if you split the task

Have QVW1 load unscrambled QVD -> QVD_UnScrambled

Have QVW2 load the unscrambled, scramble it up, and then save as the QVD (Not unscrambled at this point)

e.g. something like:

Table1: Load * SQL Select * from Table1;

STORE Table1 INTO Table1_Unscrambled.qvd;

then in 2nd load

Load * from Table1_Unscrambled.qvd (qvd);

Scramble it up, then

STORE Table1 INTO Table1.qvd;

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