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How to Load multiple qvw's to a single qvw.

Hi All,

I have just started using Qlikview and I am facing a problem.

I have 6 QVW's(based on different regions) and I want to load all of them to a single consolidated report.

I am using binary load and then a loop to load all qvw's to 6 respective QVD's as suggested on previous posts on same context.

For ex.


I am using this to load all QVW's into QVD.


FOR i = 0 to NoOfTables()-1

  LET vTableName = TableName($(i));

  LET vOutfile = '$(vTableName).qvd';

  STORE [$(vTableName)] INTO [$(vOutfile)] (qvd);


The problem is when I am Loading this in script,instead of loading QVD for different regions,It is loading QVD's of different Tabs in one QVW.

For ex- if QVW1 has three tabs in script Tab1,TAb2,Tab3. It is creating three QVD's TAB1.qvd,tab2.qvd etc,

Can someone please help me with the correct solution of this.

Thanks in advance..!!

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Re: How to Load multiple qvw's to a single qvw.


As per my knowledge the above script will  create QVDS according to no of TABLES present.

so do the QVDS...        (Qvds Will created on tables only)

I think for consolidation ..your should try with some joins ....