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How to check File exist on the web (Share point folder)

Hi Folks, Generally we can use FILESIZE or FILETIME functions in the script to verify weather file exist on the specified folder. But these functions are not worked for Web files example share point sites.


How to check weather file exist or not on Share point web site folders ?


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Master II
Master II


If you want to read from these files then you could use loads with error handling. Just check that the resulting table is not empty. 

Error Handling in qlikview

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Thanks Whiteline. I tried this way also. But I am not sure I didn't get any values for ScriptError , ScriptErrorDetails & ScriptErrorCount  in the TRACE statemement. I am using QV11.2 SR2. I need to turn on any seetings ?

Master II
Master II

I think you've missed something.

(see the attached image)