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How to compare in a pivot table a column with another column (and then count a third column)


I'm going to show you a tricky situation, hoping somebody has any idea to solve it!

Thank you in advance.

I want to build  Pivot Table with:

Dimension= ID

Expression= for each row I want to count the NULL values of NULLCOLLUMN corresponding to all those values of DATE that are previous than the value of DATE-1workday of that row.

Hope it's clear..!

ID          NULLCOLUMN          DATE     DATE-1workday

1                      a                    11.12.13     10.12.13

1                      -                     15.11.13     14.11.13                  

1                      b                    07.10.14      06.10.14   

2                      c                    23.11.12      21.11.12

2                      d                    07.07.12      06.07.12   

3                      -                     14.01.15      13.01.15   

4                      -                     30.08.14      27.08.14 

4                      -                     15.05.13      14.05.13

ps. i want to clarify that i don't have fixed value to compare with like for example, in a set analysis, but in each row (like in a cycle/loop !?) I want to compare one value of DATE-1workday with all the values of DATE.

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How your new column (with the count) will look like?

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It is supposed to show a column of numbers:

in the first row, for example, the number of times that NULL appears in NULLCOLUMN considering only the rows for which the values of DATE are <= to the value of the first row of DATE-1workday