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How to connect a Cross table with a 'normal' table?

Hello everyone,

I'm new to qlikview so I want to I introduce myself.

I'm from the Netherlands and I'm experimenting with Qlikview now for about 3 months. I'm working in a production company where we are producing Automotive Parts such as doors etc. We are working with SAP.

I want to make a dashboard where we can show a combined result (Commercial Result and Production Result together).

I'm experiencing the following problem. I have two tables wich i want to connect:

  1. Commercial result, is structured as follows (collumns):

        Materialnr, Turnoverdate, Turnover, costs, result,

    2. Production result, is structured as follows (collumns):

Materialnr, result period 1 , result periode 2, result period 3, entc..

So I made a crosstable so that the structure of the tables is the same.

How can I use the attibute field (period) from my crosstable in a key? I want to connect the two tables with a key such as 'Material-Year-Period'.

Hope I explained my problem well.


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