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How to export multiple objects in one qvd or csv file on a button click?


I have two straight tables with different data, I want the user to be able to click on a button, which would then export those two tables into one qvd file.

Currently it overwrites and stores only the last straight tables values.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

P.S: I am new to Qlik community, so let me know if you need anymore information on this.

Here is the vb script:

Sub ExportLocal

'-----TABLE 1 exports-----

  sFileNameP1_Data = filename& ".qvd" 

  set obj_per1 = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")

  obj_per1.ExportEX sFileNameP1_Data, 4

'-----TABLE 2 exports-----

  set obj_per2 = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH02")

  obj_per2.ExportEX sFileNameP1_Data, 4



Msgbox "Updated Forecasts Successfully"

End Sub

Thanks in advance.

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