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How to handle COMPANY field name ?

Hi All

My IT have generated many table , for example :-

Sales order




Each of the above table , it have company field name , some of the company field length 25 , some 40. Meaning some company name not full.

My question is how should I handle this situation on diff length ?

In the pass I try to create different field name :-




As I worry if I use same name , all table will join the company and it become very complicated.

Now it is very messy.

Hope some one advise me.


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Re: How to handle COMPANY field name ?

Paul you need to normalize your data. May be look here: Data Cleansing

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Re: How to handle COMPANY field name ?

Hi Sunny

I read the article , I notice it is talk about value label . For example field name Country and value label for US write in many format , USA etc

Mine is in my date structure , I have few table , each table also have a country field, my question is should I create only one field name as COUNTRY ? Or should I create COUNTRY_AP , COUNTRY_AR

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