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How to load multiple DBF file in loop?

Please help me get through this, I have different DBF files (different filename per se)... Is it possible to load it in loop? Or give me ideas how to solve this problem. Thanks.

Best regards

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Any update on this? I have similar requirements: Multiple DBF files (one per day; log files from a daily tracking software)

It's not really feasable for me to create an ODBC connection for each file and it certainly isn't forward-looking.

Any input from the community about a solution for this?

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You can use wildcard



So, all .dbf that has Employee20 will all be loaded. Just make sure that it has the same format on the fields.

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Hi billringer,

Unfortunately the wildcard approach doesn't seem to work for DBF files, which need to be loaded using an ODBC connection. In order to load these you must first create an ODBC connection pointing toward specific DBF files.

If Qlikview could build native DBF loading, we could probably use a wildcard approach like you've described, but I think as long as we have to go via the ODBC route, we'll need to look into another solution.

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Ah, I remember what I did to this one, I loaded them Manually. Sorry for the wrong answer.