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How to match on two ranges

I know I can match up two tables based upon one range using interval match, however, I have been given a scenario where I need to map the data based on two ranges of data.  In this instance we are working with GL data so they want to group their accounts together by certain departments and accounts.  So I have table of two ranges (dept 1 - 10, accnt 100 - 150 = expenses, dept 20-30, acct 100 - 150 = variable expenses).  I need to run through all my departments and accounts and classify them based upon if the fall with in the two ranges.

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Re: How to match on two ranges

You could first match the departments with the department ranges and then match the accounts to their ranges using the department range as key field. See the extended syntax of intervalmatch in the help file.

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Re: How to match on two ranges

Not sure I follow you, I looked ath the extended syntax and it only shows the ability to send in one match field and I need use two.  Below is what I copied off of help.

intervalmatch (matchfield,keyfield1 [ , keyfield2, ... keyfield5 ] ) (loadstatement | selectstatement )

I was hoping there was a way to do this

intervalmatch (matchfield,keyfield1 [ , keyfield2, ... keyfield5 ], matchfield, keyfield1 [ , keyfield2, ... keyfield5 ] ) (loadstatement | selectstatement )

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Re: How to match on two ranges

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Re: IntervalMatch for two different ranges

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