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How to secure a qvd


I have a rather complicated code running on personell data - including a subroutine, it runs for approx. 10min - that results in a table containing only three fields:

- a personell_number

- a date

- a cost_center

=> The code serves to return for every employee, for every day from his/her joining_date to his/her leaving_date, the correct cost_center.

Now it seems I'm going to need this information in several of my apps

=> It is not necessary to run the whole code again every time that information is needed

<=> I don't want to risk anything by storing personell_data anywhere. There are no names etc., nothing but those three fields, but still...

Can I somehow secure that qvd dynamically on storing so that only those apps which I design specifically can access it?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: How to secure a qvd

HI ,

Have tried using Partial Reload functionality in your script ?

If not you can try for Partial Reload in your script.



Re: How to secure a qvd


No, I am afraid that QVD files cannot be secured.

You need to secure it at the file system level.

Best Regards     Bill

Esteemed Contributor

Re: How to secure a qvd

Hi Bill,

I thought so. Well, I'll check with the IT_guys whether it can be done at that level - if not, I'll leave it and not store it and just have the code run its 10min - it's on the server, so never mind. Safety first in this instance.

@ Yusuf

I will still have a look at that "partial reload" thing. It might be a possibility.

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