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How to selectively read value as variable or as a literal


I am trying to have some values read as literals while others should be replace by the variable value.


Example Input file:


So when I do this the first four ID’s come as I want which is literal. However I want the fifth one to show as ‘111’,’222’,’333’




Variable Output I Get




v_ID1 = ‘111’


v_ID2 = ‘222’


v_ID3= ‘333’


v_ID4= ‘444’


v_ID5= $(v_ID1),$(v_ID2),$(v_ID3)


My script is like this:




//NOTE I do have this variabalized but for the input file examples sake I kept just one example to keep it simpler


ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1) ;

LET vNumberofRows = NoOfRows
For vI = 0 to (vNumberofRows
- 1);

LET vVariable= Peek('Variable',vI
LET vValue= Peek ('$(vVariableValue)',vI
LET [$(vVariable)] = Peek ('$(vVariableValue)', vI
, 'Test') ;


Do I Need to do some sort of IF logic inside of the loop to treat these differently?

I just can’t seem to get the syntax to work

Also note, I am trying to do this without minimal changing of the source excel file format.


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