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How to set date store procedure argument as nvarchar

Hi there,

I have an SQL store procedure that has a following input parameters:

SET surveyID=111111;

SQL EXEC [dbo].[reportSP_ExportDataFile] @__surveyID = $(surveyID),@__userID = 1,@__langID = 1,

@__startDate= N'2013/05/01',@__endDate=N'2013/06/01';

I would really want to have it dinamic, but cannot set it up like


using the following settings:

SET DateFormat='YYYY/MM/DD';

LET StartDate=Monthstart(today(),-1);

LET EndDate=Monthstart(today());

because I cannot get $(StartDate) and $(EndDate) in the same (nvarchar) format.

Could you please help?

Thank you very much in advance!!!

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Re: How to set date store procedure argument as nvarchar

I found the solution myself:

LET StartDate=chr(39) & text(Monthstart(today(),-1)) & chr(39);

LET EndDate=chr(39) & text(Monthstart(today())) & chr(39);

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