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How to use aggr function inside sum expression


I'm facing a problem on an expression. I need to verify if there is only one month selected or not. I have a pivot table and an expression like this one:

If(Sum(Quantity) =0 ,'', // Here I'm sure the dimension will show even there is no Quantity


    If(not Match(Function,'A','=') ,iF(ISNULL(Quantity),0,Quantity),

        If(((Month=1) or ((aggr(Count(distinct Month), Year, LineCode))=1)) and Function='A',Quantity,

            If((Month=12 or (aggr(Count(distinct Month), Year, LineCode))=1) and Function='=', Quantity,






I'm not getting the expect result. This (aggr(Count(distinct Month), Year, LineCode)) does not work when used in the above expression but, if I use just it as another expression, the result is OK.

Does anybody can help me?

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Re: How to use aggr function inside sum expression

Can you share the Application ??

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Re: Re: How to use aggr function inside sum expression

Sure. Thanks.

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