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Implementing Agieng Bucket in Backend Script Using Excel

Hi Friends,

Currently I using the variables in front end to define the Ageing buckets and creating the expression in front end chart since the selection is As on Date. Now I want it be done in the backend script ,is it possible to do so.

I have attached the  Bucket excel for reference.

In the Front End I am using the expression like

vBucketlabel1  is <=30 days

=Floor( IF([Outstanding Amount ]=0,0,sum(If(
( (Billing.vAsOnDate-
[Invoice Date])<=(vBucketEnd1)),[Invoice Amount ]))-
[Receipt Date] <= (vMaxEndDate) AND
( (Billing.vAsOnDate-
[Invoice Date])<=(vBucketEnd1)),[Receipt Amount ]))),0.01)


Billing.vAsOnDate =  IF(IsNull(Billing.EndDate),Today(),Billing.EndDate)

vBucketEnd1 = 30

vBucketlabel2 is  31-60 Days

=Floor( IF([Outstanding Amount INR]=0,0,Max(If([Invoice Date] <= (vMaxEndDate) AND
[Invoice Date])>=(vBucketStart2) AND (Billing.vAsOnDate-[Invoice Date])<=(vBucketEnd2)),[Invoice Amount
[Receipt Date] <= (vMaxEndDate) AND
[Invoice Date])>=(vBucketStart2) AND (Billing.vAsOnDate-[Invoice Date])<=(vBucketEnd2)),[Receipt Amount


Billing.vAsOnDate = IF(IsNull(Billing.EndDate),Today(),Billing.EndDate)

vBucketStart2 = 31

vBucketEnd2 = 60

Please suggest the suitable solution.



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