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Import data from Textfile

Hello I'm working now for one week with Qlikview and need your help. I have a Textfile with this structure:

20110930               (Datestring)

     Datastring1        (Datastrngs)



20110929                 (next Datestring)

     Datastring4          (Datastrngs)



Now I want to import the Data like this:

Datestring          |          Datastring


20110930          |          Datastring1

20110930          |          Datastring2

20110930          |          Datastring3

20110929          |          Datastring4

20110929          |          Datastring5

I tryed many things but failed.

Thaks for your ideas.

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Re: Import data from Textfile


You can use the Previous() function to populate current record value with previous value


     If(Len(Datastring) = 0, Previous(Datastring), Datastring)) AS Datastring

FROM File.txt;

If the field is empty, take the value from previous record, if it's not empty, take the current value.

Hope that helps.

Miguel Angel Baeyens

BI Consultant

Comex Grupo Ibérica

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Re: Import data from Textfile


I have only one field. Now I have uploaded the file as attachement to understand the problem better.

Each line is a call and I want from every call the number which are the xxxxxxxxx and the date from the top. To get the phonenumber is no problem for me but i can't add the date to each call.

Thanks for your fast answer of the first post.