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Incremental Load Question

Hi All

I was attempting to do what I thought was a fairly simple process in loading data from a database into a QVD and then trying to load any new/changed records after this initial load from the database into the qvd.

My initial step was to load the 'master' QVD, so a simple select from the database and store into QVD. This went well

Next step was to load any records that have been updated since the initial QVD was created. Again, this was quite simple as the DB Dev guys had included a 'DateUpdated' column in the source table.

The part I'm strugling with is the selection and loading of any new customer records (CustomerKey = PrimaryKey). I want to only return from the database, those customer keys I don't have in the existing QVD.

In my crappy old sql i would normally do something like ;

Select * From DimCustomer where CustomerKey not in (Select customerkey from QVD) - it's the 'not in' or 'not exists' that I'm struggling with. How can I use values in my Qlikview QVD as an exclusion in a SQL where clause? Or, am I approaching this incorrectly?

Thanks all - Mark...

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