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Incremental Load w Business Key

Hey folks!

Do you know if is possible to do an Incremental Load using Business Key like the situation bellow:

SELECT ProductID, ProductName

FROM Northwind..Products p



   FROM Northwind..[Order Details] od

   WHERE p.ProductId = od.ProductId)

In the first load it will insert all records to the QVD and after that this query will only retrieve data that are not loaded.

I´m asking this because I have a table that does not have the columns INSERTDATE and the PK is a varchar.

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Re: Incremental Load w Business Key

So if i understand your question correctly

1. Load the data (Some set of records) from database into QVD.

2. Load the data by excluding the data which is already loaded in to the QVD.

Yes it is possible to do it. But it would be helpful to answer if you could provide a sample file

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Re: Incremental Load w Business Key

I have the first load script and the table structure, is it helpful?

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