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Incremental load when reading files via FTP?

I am trying to read files via FTP from a particular location. Each month a new file will be dropped in this location. I would like to read this to perform incremental load and append to existing qvd each month.

Files are in csv format. FTP has username/Password information.

How do I check if the files exist in the a certain location ?

I was using

FOR Each HFile in filelist ('ftp://UsernameSmiley Tongueassword@SERVERNAME/*.csv')

but it fails to read the file.

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Incremental load when reading files via FTP?

The ftp-protocoll don't support wildcards or any file-functions like filelist. But there are workarounds for it, see for example:

Re: For Each File in Filelist - FTP load is not working?

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- Marcus

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