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Independent Section Access on associated tables?


please see the attached file:

assuming I have a data model which contains e.g. three dimension tables with their own primary key. attached to each of the table there is an access table which contains the ids/names of users which have access to the records of the dimension.

One example might be the table "Firma":

- User 1 has access to Firma 1 and 2

- User 2 has access to Firma 1 and 3

- User 3 has access to Firma 3

Similar for the other tables. What do I need to do to make sure that each user (when he opens the document) has access only to the records of each dimension where he is supposed to? Important is that the access to the dimensions can be independent... that means a user can have access to Firma1 but might have access only to one or two of its associated records called Kontakt. Or he has access to all records called VKC but not the associated Firma. Is clear what I mean?

I am struggling with the creation of the section access table... can I grant access independently to records which are associated by the data model?

If this is not clear let me know. :-) Help would be great...



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Re: Independent Section Access on associated tables?

You'll probably need to read this blog post and the technical paper referenced at the end of it.

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Re: Independent Section Access on associated tables?

Hi Gysbert,

thanks for your answer. I read the articles already when I had a question some days ago but they do not help me. All articles and information i find about section access contain mostly the same few information but i miss some real examples with some possible data models to be able to compare and try around.

Somehow i don't get this in my brain... Would I need a fake-fact-table which contains all possible combinations of values for all possible users? This can't be the right way, it would mess up storage, memory and performance, right? Also how would i be supposed to associate this fake-fact-table with my real tables, since there would be x of them?



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