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Index keys.

Here is my load statement. I want to normalize the data with a primary index key. 

Load AccountNumber,






From there I want to show:

AccountNumber 1

AccountName - XYZ

BillStartDate - 1/1/2013

FiscalYearStartDate - 7/1/2012

Month(FiscalYearStartDate) as Month - 7

Month Index 1 since 7/1/2012 is the FiscalYearStartDate

AccountNumber 2

AccountName - ABC

BillStartDate - 2/1/2013

FiscalYearStartDate - 8/1/2012

Month(FiscalYearStartDate) as Month - 8

Month Index 1 since 8/1/2012 is the FiscalYearStartDate

Does this make since?  Can this be done.


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Re: Index keys.

If I'm following correctly, you can add:

1 as [Month Index]

or am I misunderstanding?


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Re: Index keys.

as my understood

date(BillStartDate,'MM') as [Month Index]

correct ?????

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