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Inline_table - limit to the nr. of lines?


I am using an inline_mapping_table and then a "map substring" function to abbreviate the individual segments that a Label (the Label of a cost Center) is made up from. That worked fine up to now.

Now I had the two Labels "KT Kasse / Kunde" which I wanted to make into "KT Kasse/ Kunde" (just getting rid of one blank)
and "KT Konditionen / Provisionen" which I wanted to likewise make into "KT Konditionen/ Provisionen".

I was told that in an inline_table I have to use double_quotes to deal with blanks because a bracket would Close the inline_LOAD. That did not work up to now.

What do I have to do to make that work?

I can of course get the same effect using a REPLACE() function around my "MAP Substring", but I don't really want to start down that way - I had a series of nested REPLACE() functions at first, before I got the hint here in the community to use MAP SUBSTRING.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Inline_table - limit to the nr. of lines?

Can you please post the inline mapping load and mapsubstring parts of your script?





Re: Inline_table - limit to the nr. of lines?

Yes, as usual, a small sample of input records or your current script would really help to help you.

I don't think you need the double quotes at all, but even using double quotes should work just fine:





"KT Kasse / Kunde", "KT Kasse/ Kunde"

"KT Konditionen / Provisionen", "KT Konditionen/ Provisionen"



LOAD MapSubString('MAP', TXT) as Output, TXT INLINE [


KT Kasse / Kunde

KT Konditionen / Provisionen

asasKT Konditionen / Provisionen Blabla KT Kasse / Kunde


2017-10-26 00_02_13-Dialog.png

edit: and looking at the title of your post, what about the nr. of lines in your inline table?

Don't really understand this title in combination with the body of your post.

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