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Inputfield value lost after closing Qlikview file


I need some help here. We are trying to publish our Qlikview report to Access Point so we followed Tier 2 to Tier 4 structure recommended by company standard. We have all tables stored into QVD in Tier 2 and dropped tables; load data from QVD in Tier 3; binary load from Tier 3 QVW in Tier 4. We have two fields set up as Inputfield to allow users to sort orders of selected dimensions in Pivot Table. I referred to the methods here (Customisable Straight (and Pivot) Tables - more food for thought). We have Inputsum in expression of a chart so users can change values of the Position ID. We have no intent to keep/store changes users made so the changed values should only live until user closes their dashboard. The problem is binary load doesn't retrieve the Inputfield... Chart we created doesn't show any Position ID at all... Is there a way to solve this issue? I am sorry that I am not able to upload the real file since it is large and has multiple tiers...

This is how the chart looks like right now:

This is how the chart should look like:

Please let me know if you need any additional information to understand this issue. Thanks!

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