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Insufficient quota to complete the requested service

We have a QV server which has 16GB total of physical memory.  The QVW file is 950MB and QV allocated an additional 4GB of memory to load the file.

Still we get the below errors,

ErrorException=System.Net.HttpListenerException: Insufficient quota to complete the requested service
ErrorDocument open call failed. The document might require username and password.
ErrorThe document failed to open.

I also viewed (http://community.qlik.com/thread/31870). Here a recommendation is made to restart QV service before start.

Can anyone please suggest , how much to configure more memory to the QV process itself then we may not experience this error?

I also have some more questions,

1.Is QV a 64-bit Windows process?

2.If so, what is the max memory for a 64-bit Windows process?

Thanks in advance.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Insufficient quota to complete the requested service

  1. If QV managed to allocate 4GB then your qlikview installation is a 64-bit app. 32-bit applications can only claim 2GB for processes.
  2. About 8 Terabyte iirc.

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Re: Insufficient quota to complete the requested service

Hi Anjan,

If you say the server has 16 GB of physical memory, all is not allocated to Qlikview server. The memory can be occupied by operating system and other application's thread if running. So you need to check how much physical memory is available before starting Qlikview server processes and then check how much is left after starting Qlikview server.

It should have sufficient enough to expand your 950MB app in memory + all additional user are allocated separate memory to use application.

Hope this helps,