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Integrate Qlikview Access point in Salesforce



We are trying to integrate or display qlikview dashboards inside our Salesforce environment.  As part of this effort, we created a visualforce page -> 

<apex:page showHeader="false" sidebar="false" standardStylesheets="false" showQuickActionVfHeader="false">

<iframe height="1000px" width="1200px" id="Qlikview" name="Qlikview" src="*Inserted AJAX Link*"></iframe>



But, on preview, we see a message that states "Connection Reset" .  Any ideas what we should be doing to resolve?

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Re: Integrate Qlikview Access point in Salesforce

Pretty sure this is going to require use of GetWebTicket for authentication, or things are not going to work, as I would surmise your SFDC login is not the same as what you use to access the QlikView AccessPoint etc.  This can be done as we have customers doing it, but you may need to connect with a partner or our services group via your account manager to arrange for some help in getting things sorted out fully, but I am pretty sure the underlying issue you have going on is related to authentication/authorization between SFDC and QVS etc.  

The one thing you could try though that might work, is if you are using the OpenDoc.htm call in the Ajax link, try the AccessPoint.aspx call instead, as that will force things to call the Authenticate.aspx page, so the user may need to login to have things display, but if we are able to get the user credentials that match automatically, that should work.  About the best I have as something else to try here. 

If you are actually trying to have an object from a QlikView app displayed and not the entire app, then you would need to have the Workbench component in your QlikView Server license as well for that to work.  If you do have that, I would be sure to review the Workbench Help: http://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview-developer/November2018/Subsystems/Mashups/Content/QV_Mashups/mas...

Hopefully this may help.


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