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I've got a problem with interrecord-functions. In a Pivot-Table I'd lile to make a refernce from a summary-row to the text of the column left - see snapshot:

So that in the end the text now filled with 'Gesamt' is concatenated with the text of the column 'Auftragsgruppe', e.g.: '9491 Gesamt'. I made several approaches with above, befor, fieldvalue .... but none of them works. Has anybody an idea?

Kind regards,


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Re: Inter-Record-Function

See this post. As far as I know that's the only way to create custom totals labels.

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Re: Inter-Record-Function

I can't see your screen shot, so it's like a walk in the dark.

I believe you can't reference the other column from your total column using inter record functions. But if you are using a partial sum and the Auftragsgruppe is unambiguous in that context, just call the field value:

=only(Auftragsgruppe) & ' Gesamt'


Now I can see the screenshot. The solution I suggested won't work.

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