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Intercept SQL code generated by QV server

Working with Oracle platform I was able to execute an OBIEE report or dashboard and then intercept the pure SQL that BI server generated before sending it to Data Server (Oracle DB). As Admin of OBIEE I was able to monitor active session and then choose a drill down into session data which contained SQL code.

Is the above functionality available with QV?

I am not talking here about the SQL code that is exposed through the loader from the QVD file. In QVD each portion of SQL code represents a data set. I believe when I create a dashboard and use some filtering conditions then the datasets from QVDs are joined and the WHERE clause is generated dynamically using the values of filtering parameters. I need to see this generated SQL code.



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Re: Intercept SQL code generated by QV server

Hope to understand

QlikView generates a select (SQL) at load time or with direct discovery (not often used).

When you play with you report (kpi, dashboard, etc...., in short when you click) in QlikView you're using the in memory QlikView engine: you can stop your db, there is no connetion or query from QlikView to the db.

More in the attachment