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Intermittent Oracle connection issue

Has anyone experienced an intermittent issue where instead of connecting to an Oracle database with the userID and password encrpyted in the script, it presents the Oracle ODBC connect dialog box? I can do a reload, and it connects just fine. Then, I could hit reload, and instead of connecting right away, it brings up the dialog box, I enter the password, and then it connects.

When I try to schedule the reload through the management console, it has been failing and I think it could have something to do with this connection dialog box thing. I just don't understand why, if it has the proper credentials, it would be popping up the dialog box. Is it something with the encrypted credentials like they expire, and then it forces the user to re-confirm, but the Oracle user is a pwd-non-expiring type, and I need it to interpret the credentials when it runs from a scheduled event rather than me running in the desktop clicking reload.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.