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Internal Error

Hi guys i am using the following script in the backend but it is giving the error "Internal Error"

Let vTest = '=GetSelectedCount(FACTOR)';

IF $(vTest) = 0 Then

Let vFACTOR = '=1';


Let vFactor = '=MINSTRING(FACTOR)';


I am getting the error  in "IF $(vTest) = 0".

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Re: Internal Error

This Factor field must be reloaded before ur if condition..

is it??

Hope it help!!!

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Re: Internal Error

Yes it is already loaded in the Qlikview

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Re: Internal Error

can u send demo app containing factor field??

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Re: Internal Error


I don't think GetSelectedCount() can be evaluated during script execution and that is why you are getting the internal error.

I am not sure what you are trying to achieve. Please explain your requirements and someone may be able to suggest how to go about it.



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