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Hi All

         Can anyone explain me the functonality of Intervalmatch() and how it works , where to use etc etc.????????

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Re: IntervalMatch()

an example of interval match use:

date  quantity

12      100

13       110

17        120

20         130

here the quantity on date 12 is 100 and there is no data for 14,15,16,18,19 dates.Sometimes in development we require the data for all dates.We know the quantity on 14,15,16 is just the quantity on date 12.So we use interval match  to match the data on the missing dates.

see 'Fill values in a data range using previous values' in the attached File

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Re: IntervalMatch()

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Re: IntervalMatch()

Hi Manish, I've created a document on this and posted on our Qlikview community. I explained with an example and few advantages of it. Attaching the document along with the QVW file. Here is the link http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-3557 Regards. Siva

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Re: IntervalMatch()


For a start IntervalMatch preceed LOAD or SELECT statement.

IntervalMatch is used for linking discrete numeric values to one or more numeric intervals.

It is often used with DATE, TIME. Before you can use IntervalMatch you would have to have load the table which hold the Starttime & End time.

Once that's been loaded, then you can now say something like

Table to be loaded first are:-

Select * from OrderLog;

Select * from EventLog;

IntervalMatch (Time) select Start, End from OrderLog;

Meaning OrderLog hold Start & End time or data and what intervalmatch will do is to link them.

Hopefully that helps

Best Regards,